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We Help Clients In Minneapolis/St Paul Metro With Utility Rebates

Over our 25 years in business, Focus has developed strong relationships with utilities across Minnesota. Focus has been selected to be an Xcel energy efficiency partner for securing the most amount of rebate money for our customers. Energy efficiency programs throughout the state are designed to utilize rebates in order to enhance the financial proposition and thus provide added impetus to undertake energy efficiency projects. Focus keeps abreast of the utility rebate landscape throughout Minnesota and therefore is able to proactively inform its clients as rebate programs change. This ensures that Focus clients receive the maximum rebates and are able to secure them as the pool of available rebate funds is finite.
Utility rebates have become a pivotal part of the energy efficiency project decision process. As previously indicated, lighting upgrade projects and other energy efficiency measures are frequently subsidized to varying degrees by virtually all utility companies and can often cover most the final cost of a project.
Focus handles all of the calculations, paperwork and approvals, inclusive of utility pre and post inspections as the rebate process can be cumbersome and complicated. Focus’s engineered designs ensure that optimum energy saving solutions are realized with maximum rebates achieved.