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About Us

Our Approach

Focus Companies offers the most creative blend of art, science, and economics in the lighting industry. We understand how lighting transforms your environment and impacts your bottom line.



  • Improve the appearance of your facility
  • Improve the safety of customers and employees inside and out
  • Create comfortable light levels for a positive shopping experience


  • Light the Product through the use of custom fixtures (direct or indirect)
  • Wash the Space Surfaces with Light to create warmth and increase customer comfort
  • Utilize the correct CRI and Calvin temperature in order to achieve the desired atmospheric affect



  • Apply the best available technology to save energy and improve your facilities appearance
  • Test emerging products to ensure viability and assess manufacturer claims vs. actual performance
  • Design new industry specific products


  • Solutions such as our Custom LED Fixtures: Door Cases, Produce, Merchandising End caps, and even new Outdoor Wall Packs and Soffit Lights
  • Advanced Controls such as Occupancy Sensors, Photocells/Day lighting, and Multi level lighting and dimming.
  • Cooling System Optimization such as HVAC Active Energy Management Controls and Economizer Control Systems



  • To explain and communicate the total economic impact of every solution design
  • Employ advanced Energy Conservation Opportunity (ECO) modeling to optimize product selection


  • Comprehensive ECO Report which considers each opportunity’s Energy Savings, Operating & Maintenance Savings, and Cooling Load Savings
  • Advanced Energy At Risk (EAR) analysis which outlines cost of proposed solutions vs. the cost of doing nothing