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Office Lighting/ Lighting Controls

Direct Lighting

Lighting provided from a source without reflection from other surfaces.


  • Very energy efficient lighting.
  • Well suited for zonal or accent lighting.
  • Can create a vivid environment with attractive light and shadow patterns.


  • The ceiling is relatively dark, which can cause a “cave like” environment.
  • Can cause reflected glare on computer screens.
  • Harsh shadows can be unflattering when cast on human faces.
direct lighting
indirect lighting

Indirect Lighting

Lighting provided by reflection usually from wall or ceiling surfaces.


  • Creates a soft, tranquil environment suitable for concentrated work.
  • Reflective glare on computer screens can be controlled.
  • Displays human faces advantageously for social gatherings.
  • Can be installed without disturbing the ceiling surface.


  • It can be disturbing if the ceiling is the brightest surface in a room.
  • Makes it difficult to recognise details on three dimensional objects.
  • There is very little contrast in the room which can be boring.
  • Not very energy effective.