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Lighting Retrofits

"More than just a lighting retrofit.

Focus Companies designs lighting and control systems specific to your properties’ needs that will minimize operating cost and maximize the life of the lighting system. We have saved our customers as much as 50% on their overall electrical load and in many cases, well over half of their lighting load.
We install the system as well as maintain and support the system throughout the warranty. Focus Electrical Contractors provides service, installation and repair of all electrical power and lighting systems in commercial and industrial facilities."

Just the Facts

lighting retrofits

Existing light levels are rarely what they should be.

While you may be used to the existing light levels, rarely are they exactly the light levels that are needed. A retrofit can help provide proper light levels.

Light levels should rarely be even throughout an entire facility.

Typically, when designing a shell building for a warehouse or manufacturing plant, the same light fixtures are installed throughout the building. In reality, light levels should be adjusted for the type of activity being performed in specific areas throughout the facility. For example, in a production facility, there should be one light level for bulk storage, a higher light level on the shipping and receiving dock, a higher level for production or assembly areas and another light level for inspection. A lighting retrofit is the perfect opportunity to correct the light levels and adjust for the different activities.