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Expert Lighting Installation Company in Minneapolis/SouthWest Metro

If you need a company to assist you with indoor or outdoor lighting installation, please consider contacting Focus Companies in Minneapolis/SouthWest Metro. We understand all types of lighting fixtures, and we have been in business for almost three decades. Properly caring for your lighting system can ensure that it serves you for many years, especially if you schedule regular maintenance and inspections. If you fail to do this, you may have to face dim light and malfunctioning fixtures. This can be a major problem if you own a facility that depends heavily on your lighting source. If you are ready for your fixtures to perform at their optimal level or you simply need someone who specializes in electrical power system repair, Focus Companies is here to help.

Maintaining and Repairing Indoor and Outdoor Lights

Our lighting design process can help you increase the efficiency of your fixtures, and make them more aesthetically appealing as well. This can drastically lower your utility bills while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for anyone who enters your building. To give you a high degree of control over your lighting system, we integrate various control schemes, such as sensors, so that you can get the light you need without having to face an astronomical bill at the end of the month. Focus Companies can also assist with the following:
  • Retrofits
  • Automated lighting control systems
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Fixture maintenance and repair
  • Security lighting

Exceeding Expectations in the Minneapolis Area

Focus Companies is a leading lighting company in the Minneapolis/SouthWest Metro and Minneapolis areas. Our approach involves working directly with our clients and ensuring that their needs are either met or exceeded at all times. We also serve Hennepin County and the western suburbs. If you are ready to upgrade or maintain your lighting fixtures, give us a call at 952-474-9142 now.

The Benefits of LED Security Lighting

LED lighting gives you many benefits that far outweigh the minimal cost and installation time that they require. They aren’t typical motion sensor lights, which sometimes switch on as a leaf or something else miniscule passes them.
LED lighting uses a combination of wavelengths and body heat to determine whether or not there is significant human or animal movement nearby. While traditional motion sensors and LED lighting act on the same principles, LED is the more efficient option.
More importantly, they are a great deterrent against burglars. Automatic lights that sense body heat are very reliable in catching human motion, and as soon as a light is turned on, it is likely to send a burglar running. If you’re not home, LED security lighting also increases the chance that your neighbors will notice that something is awry.
The final main benefit is that you can install these sensors anywhere. You can have lights turn on as you pull the car up the driveway, put one in the garage or even put some on the back patio or front porch. Never worry about stumbling about in the middle of the night looking for a light switch.
To get started with installing LED security lighting, contact Focus Companies in Minneapolis/SouthWest Metro today.