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Fact: Existing Lighting Fixtures

Existing lighting fixtures do not necessarily need to be replaced.


  • Retrofits will reduce your energy consumption, lower your maintenance cost and pay for themselves with in 1-5 years.
  • Retrofits are safer because installation takes place below the fixture eliminating the need to handle potentially brittle existing wiring and the possibility of disturbing asbestos in the plenum.
  • Retrofits are cleaner because they don’t require removing existing fixtures, which can create heavy dust fall.
  • Retrofits are less costly in terms of materials, labor and disposal. Retrofit kits usually cost half the price of a new fixture. Installation is typically 25 percent less than installing a new fixture. And, there’s 75 percent less waste generated from a retrofit compared to putting in a new fixture.
  • Retrofits are more efficient and outperform new or replacement fixtures in most cases.
  • Retrofit installation is faster and less intrusive. Properly designed and engineered retrofit systems are manufactured so that the installation of the product is streamlined and efficient and causes less disruptions for the customer.

Now that you’re up to speed about retrofits and all their benefits, consider doing one for your facility. Call Focus at 952-474-9142 to talk retrofits today.